Travel Tales

Ladakh will transform you as a person – make a trip !

Leh- Ladakh makes to all travelers’ bucket list and certainly is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Ladakh is not just a destination, its an experience in itself. The magnificence of the mountains, harshness of the roads less travelled, glory of the blue skies, brilliance of the changing landscapes and the mood swings of the weather makes you wanting more. So much so, that almost every corner of the place just ensures that you fall in love with it. This picturesque romance demands making a trip to Leh-Ladakh an annual affair.

Below are a few of the things you will relate to post this trip, that is sure to transform you into a brand new self.

  • Humility
The stark beauty of Ladakh and the forces of nature from the limitless horizon will leave you feeling forever humble.  You will appreciate how happiness comes from simple emotions.
  • Passion
“Journey is more important than the destination.”
Well, travelling across Ladakh will make you feel this, quite literally. You will understand that life is better when you bring passion into everything you do.
  • Courage
Battling through inhospitable terrain, unpredictable weather and arduous roads will        certainly toughen you up and prepare you to stand strong against all odds.
  • Respect
Gorgeous lands, beautiful flowers, ice walls, purity of the mountains, cloudless blue skies and the nature running wild will fill your heart with admiration. Interacting with the locals will make you realize how they find peace and happiness in minimalism.

You will respect people, the nature and of-course yourself more than ever.

  • Gratitude
A lake with 50 shades of blue, mountains with so many colours, the miracles of the magnetic hill and a cold desert, the pure magic of the confluence of rivers and the simplicity of the locals will make you more thankful and content.
  • Adaptability
You will come across travelers from all over the world, intermingling with so many people from different cultures and experiences will make you more receptive to other’s ideas. Living in basics and in unconventional places will make you easy-going and will open your mind.
  • Self belief & Renewal
Lastly and most importantly the moments you breathe in this paradise will stay with you forever. The aura of Ladakh and the energies around are bound to make you feel rejuvenated and restored.

Don’t wait, book your tickets, your metamorphosis awaits!