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Taste the Best of Kerala: A Guide to Must-Try Foods in God’s Own Country

Kerala, commonly referred to as “God’s Own Country,” is a state in the southwest of India and is well recognised for its lush surroundings, tropical climate, and dynamic culture. The state is renowned for its delectable food, a special fusion of Portuguese and Indian cuisines. We’ll look at some of Kerala’s must-try foods that will tempt your taste buds.

Stew and Appam:

A variety of curries and stews go well with appam, a thin, fluffy rice cake. A griddle is used to cook the batter, which is produced with rice flour, coconut milk, and yeast, until a crispy, lacy edge appears. A delicious stew cooked with vegetables and spices is the most common side dish for appam.


All food enthusiasts should experience sadhya, a traditional vegetarian feast that is served on banana leaves. The dinner comprises of a variety of dishes, such as rice, curries, chutneys, and stews of lentils. Sadhya is the ideal illustration of the wide range of flavours found in Keralan cuisine.

A batter made of fermented rice and lentils is used to make the thin, crispy pancakes known as dosas. They are served with sambar, a lentil soup, and a selection of chutneys. In Kerala, dosas are a common dish that both residents and tourists appreciate.

For all seafood enthusiasts, Kerala is a must-try because of its reputation for offering the freshest catch. Freshest and tastiest seafood meals are available thanks to the state’s extensive coastline and plentiful fishing grounds. Karimeen fry (fried pearl spot fish), squid roast, and crab curry are a few popular marine meals.

Banana Chips:
In Kerala, banana chips are a well-liked snack that are created by deep-frying ripe banana slices. Then, salt, turmeric, and chilli powder are used to season them. A tasty snack that works well on its own or as a side dish is banana chips.

A popular Indian delicacy called payasam is created with rice, milk, and sugar. It is a standard at weddings and festivities in Kerala and is spiced with cardamom, saffron, and other ingredients. A sweet, creamy dessert called payasam is likely to sate your sweet taste.

In conclusion, Kerala has a wide variety of delectable foods that will appeal to people of all tastes and inclinations. The food in Kerala is a fantastic depiction of the state’s rich culture and heritage, from the fluffy appams to the flavorful seafood. So be sure to try these delectable foods if you ever visit Kerala!

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Iconic places for foodies

India is one of the richest countries in terms of culture and of course, FOOD! Here are the most popular and mouth watering dishes from across the country which you gotta add on your food travel bucket List right away!

Even international tourists do not miss visiting these super famous eateries!

  1. Paranthe wali gali, Delhi:

The paranthas at Gali Paranthe Wali are a mix of the traditional Punjabi paratha and the Bedmi poori (deep-fried stuffed Indian bread), which is cooked not on the Tawa but deep-fried in a kadhai.. It is served with spicy potato sabzi or curry and tamarind-banana chutney. You just cannot miss this one when in Delhi!

2. MTR, Bangalore:

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, known more popularly as MTR, was established in 1924 and is one of Bangalore’s oldest and most well known restaurants. It serves one of the best Dosas and Idlis in Bangalore along with a generous amount of chutney and ghee!

Not even a fitness freak can resist this one!

3. Deena chat bhandar, Varanasi:

Varanasi is a paradise for North Indian food lovers. When it comes to street food, Deena Chat Bhandar tops every must-go-to list. You’ll get to savour a myriad of chaats here, but its most famous offering is the tamatar chaat. It has two outlets, both situated in Varanasi’s food hotspots – Dashashwamedh Ghat and Chowk. Deena Chat Bhandar has been wowing people for 5 decades and things haven’t changed a bit.

4. Dastarkhwan, Lucknow:

The Mughal’s Dastarkhwan in Hazratganj is the right place to sample authentic Mughlai fare from Awadh. From lip-smacking galawat kebab and mutton rogan josh to chicken biryani and shami kabab, this restaurant is a carnivore’s delight. A hub for Mughlai food lovers, the restaurant is frequently listed as one of the best places for Mughlai cuisine in Lucknow. You can enjoy a wide array of non-vegetarian dishes at a pocket-friendly rate.

You’re guaranteed to walk out with a wide smile and satisfied stomach.

5. masala chowk, Jaipur:

Jaipur Masala Chowk is an open-air food court in Ram Niwas Garden to enjoy the local flavors of Jaipur! Masala means spice and chowk means public square or an open area. The word hints at a place with a variety of shops and kiosks serving street food.

Must try : Pyaaz Kachori, Kulfi Falooda, Dal Baati Churma, Aloo Cholle Tikki, etc.

6. Ashok vada pao stall, Mumbai:

The vada pav is iconic to Mumbai, and Ashok Vada Pav at Prabhadevi has time and again been declared as the best in the city. This place has been serving vada pav for over two decades now and is truly the favourite of every Mumbaikar. India takes pride in Vada Pav as a street food, and as a tourist, you just cannot miss this one!

7. Joshi dahi bada house, Indore:

If you are in Indore, not seeing Joshi Ji swirling Dahi vada would be a big miss. The local people love Joshi Ji who is the owner of this eatery, for throwing Dahi vada in the air and catching it like a pro! Joshi Ji is one talented man! It’s something that every foodie should definitely try at least once. Eat this flying Dahi Vada, bite on the lip-smacking bhutte ka kees, sip Kadak Chai, and get lost in the amazing taste and conversations with the numerous  foodies who visit this place everyday!

8. Dindigul thalappakatti, Chennai:

The Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1957. The Rs 200-crore biriyani brand now has 40 branches across the world and is cooking up other plans of expansion. Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani’s core offering is the Mutton Biryani, chicken and minced meat biryani. Varieties like Chicken 65 Biryani, Paneer Biryani and Mushroom Biryani,among other options, are also available. The menu also has barbecues and other South Indian delicacies like Mutton Sukka and Karandi Omelette.

No non veg foodie traveller can miss this!

9. Hot stimulating cafe, Darjeeling (momos):

Darjeeling takes pride in this tiny, cozy place called Hot Stimulating Cafe, for serving one of the best Momos in town! Super popular amongst tourists, it’s a small place serving mainly vegetarian delicacies and also famous homemade root beer, served in bamboo glass. This is offered only to tourists and not to the localites. Thukpa is a must try here as well!

There, we just gave you 9 reasons to travel if you are a food lover. Even if you are not, make sure to include such local hot spots on your next trip to your favorite locations. Locals can give you the best recommendations and this will make you feel like a local #TravelLikeaLocal

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