She’s a 10!

A poem on solo-traveler girls

She’s a 10…

She’s a 10 because she can always list out 9 reasons why she shouldn’t give up.
She makes sure that she gets up at 8 a.m. daily to fulfil them all.
Out of the 7 continents on this planet, her dream is to visit all 6, other than the one where she lives.
She belongs to a group of 5 friends, but she goes on more Solo Trips than with the group.
That’s because she knows why she travels solo. She travels 4 herself. To explore herself, to challenge herself, and to love herself. These are the 3 things she’ll never stop living by.
Because life is 2 short to not Travel Solo. Because life is too short to not live for yourself.
Life is too short to keep waiting for the one.
Life is too short, and that’s why she’s her own Number 1.

By WanderingJane

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