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How To Travel Broke

Tips to trave frugally.

Traveling can be expensive, but here are a few tips on how you can travel broke. When I say travel broke, that does not mean travel with no money; it means travel with fewer expenses.

  1. Travel during off-seasons : Make sure to do some research about the place you want to visit and visit those places during off-seasons. This way, you can save money and experience most of the places empty, which is the best thing a traveler can ask for: the whole place to themselves.
  2. Stay in hostels : If you love meeting new people while traveling, then hostel stays should be your go-to as they are budget-friendly and you get to meet fellow travelers.
  3. Book in advance : Make sure to book your plane, train, and bus tickets six weeks in advance to get the best rates. Don’t forget to book the return tickets at the same time for a cheaper price.
  4. Be adaptable : One of the most crucial traits for a thrifty traveler is adaptability. You’ll be better equipped to take advantage of offers and opportunities that present themselves while travelling if you have the flexibility to change plans and make last-minute changes. Be loose with your plans.
  5. Get to know the locals : We will continue to be strangers unless you make that move. Don’t be hesitant to chat with locals; from my experience, 90% of them are incredibly kind and willing to lend a helping hand. The more outgoing you are, the better, because if you can talk to the locals, they will be able to give you advice on a variety of topics, including some secret locations to visit and where to find the tastiest, least expensive meals.
  6. Choose to travel on public transportation :When you first arrive at a new place, avoid taking taxis. A local bus or metro service is a terrific way to explore a new place right away and is frequently much less expensive than a taxi.

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