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De-coding Solo Travel

Thinking about solo-travel? Here is my take on it.

Like most of us, I too come from a typical conservative Indian family. For many generations, solo travel has been considered boring and lonely. When I brought up the subject of solo travel to my parents, their first question was, “So, you want to travel alone?“, “How will you enjoy travelling alone?“, “Are there other girls travelling with you?” and a slew of other questions that made me doubt my ability to travel alone.

I’m usually a “glass half full” type of person, but I have always imagined so many hassles that I could come across while travelling solo. I believe one of the most important concerns is safety, followed by hygiene and accommodation. Other issues to consider include communicating with locals, finding a reliable taxi, and, of course, the cost.

Well, lucky for me, my perspective changed after I joined WanderingJane. I was astonished at how many women love travelling solo and enjoying their own company. It’s lovely to see them mix with the local experts and discover the place while they are discovering themselves as well.

As a girl who had never travelled alone, this is what I think of solo female travelers now:

They are FEARLESS: Traveling alone to a new destination always carries risks (though not with WanderingJane, just saying!). But these women are fearless and love going on adventures. They go on treks, hikes, dives, and many more adventurous activities. They are basically superwomen!

They are INDEPENDENT: These girls know what they want, are equipped, are great problem solvers, and just know how to enjoy life. They don’t wait for someone else to come on board with their plans, they are decisive and trust their instincts.

They are INTERESTING: My work here lets me talk to so many girls who have travelled alone, and trust me, they are the most interesting girls I have spoken to. They are compassionate, vocal, respectful, and always have so many interesting stories to tell. They are truly women of SUBSTANCE.

I feel I am ready to Travel Solo, are you?


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