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Items to carry on solo trips

What items to carry and what could be left behind was one of the most important, critical yet frustrating experience for me. So after my 5th solo trip, i created a list of my own. It used to have a lot more items in the beginning, but eventually i trimmed it to the bare essentials, rest I could manage during the trip from time to time.

I have carried some very funny stuff in the beginning,

like one time i thought a hair dryer was worth carrying along, or a travel iron for that matter

Keep a designated day bag or a carry on for everyday- This is the one you will carry along locally after reaching your destination also-

  1. Passport
  2. Transit tickets and passes (air, rail, road)
  3. Your ID card
  4. Your medical card with emergency contact number
  5. Extra photographs (There are a lot of forms which could be filled out there)
  6. Your cash and prepaid cards
  7. Your field notebook with research
  8. Emergency phone numbers for local authorities- The nearest police station and its contact number, the nearest hospital and its contact number.
  9. Travel money belt
  10. Medical kit

This will be a series of articles, next up I will list out the essential clothing items to carried along according to me.

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